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Strategic Planning and Development
Business Operations and Infrastructure
Mergers and Acquisition Support

Considering the maturity levels of a business and the dimensions of leadership needed for creating strategic value, Sydalco can provide the experience to successfully build companies for substantial market value and growth.  The services offered by Sydalco are as follows:

Strategic Planning and Development - Sydalco will work with the executive team to provide the expertise for defining and executing on an agreed upon Strategic Plan.  The plan will combine a financial outlook with set organizational goals and performance objectives, a tactical "how to" Operations plan and roadmap, with a direct link to the formulation of annual budgets.   

Business Operations and Infrastructure - Sydalco will work directly with the corporate staff and operational staff to ensure that all resources are available to meet a company's Strategic objectives.  Key is defining a standard approach with processes that are repeatable for every project manager.  Whether the functional area is business development, operations/program control, finance and accounting, contract administration, or human resources - the need for process maturity is critical.

Mergers and Acquisitions Support - Included in many Strategic Plans is the desire or need to expand through acquisitions.  Sydalco can provide guidance to help a company walk through the complex process of an acquisition.  Services include buy-side support, due diligence, corporate and cultural fit, and acquisition integration planning.

See the Acquisition Lifecycle Model:

            www.sydalco.com/Acquisition Lifecycle Model.pdf

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